Diploma in Arts and Creative Multimedia Design

Enroll in this one-year full-fledged multimedia design program. Get a diploma of practical skills in Graphic Design, Audio, and Video Editing, and Web Design

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Course Content

  • Fundamentals of Multimedia Design
  • MS Publisher 2019 – Desktop Publishing
  • CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X9 (Draw & Paint)
  • Adobe Photoshop CC 2019
  • MS PowerPoint 2019 – Presentation Design
  • Express Animate – 3D Animation Design
  • Internet Skills Essentials
  • Digital Marketing
  • Introduction to Web Technologies
  • Contents Management Systems
  • Website Realizer / WYSIWYG
  • WordPress-Joomla-Drupal
  • Advanced Web Programming with HTMLPad
  • Html, CSS, JS
  • WebApp Design and Integration
  • Web Domain Administration
  • Internet Skills Essentials
  • Digital Marketing
  • Introduction to Visual Media
  • Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 – Photo Editing Principles and Techniques
  • Wave Pad – Sound Editing Principles and Techniques
  • Video Pad – Video Editing Principles and Techniques, Creating Photo Animated Documentaries, Creating Jingles and Visual Adverts, Creating Video Documentaries, Translating Movie Clips, and Voice-over Techniques

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