Employable Skills Training for Students in School (ESTSS)

Project Introduction and Proposal

ESTSS is a project established by AISTGhana to help train the youths who are in school to acquire job skills before leaving school.

Research has revealed that many youths leave school and enter into the active life after basic and secondary school without having any professional skills to work with. Many of these youths could not further their education immediately after completing BECE and WASSCE, or could not enroll in professional training centres due to financial challenges.

Because no one can predict the future, we have decided to setup this project to help train and prepare the youths in advance, while they are still in school.

We intend to work in partnership with basic and secondary schools in training the students in many job skills through this project.

Students will have the opportunity to be trained in any of these career paths:

  • Graphics and Multimedia Design Technician
  • Business Software Developer
  • General Purpose Software Developer
  • Database Administrator
  • Hardware and Network Technician
  • Home Electrical Technician

Each career path /course is a one year intensive program.

The training will be spread on a period of three (3) academic years for basic school students (from class 6 to JHS 2), and on a period of two (2) academic years for secondary school students (from SHS 1 to SHS 2).

We encourage school proprietors and administrators to help educate parents on the benefits of this project for their wards.

Training Programs

  • Graphics and Multimedia Design Technology
  • Business Software Development
  • General Purpose Software Development
  • Database Administration
  • Hardware and Network Technology
  • Home Electrical Technology

Training Duration & Lecture Scedule

  • For Basic School students: 3 academic years – Enrolment from Class 6, and training ends after JHS 2 (9 academic terms)
  • For Secondary School Students: 2 academic Years – Enrolment from SHS 1, and training ends after SHS 2 (6 academic terms)

Special Note

  • Class attendance is once (1) a week, and a training session lasts for 3 hours
  • Students are grouped under their common chosen career path /course.

Training Location

Training takes place in the schools premises on an agreed/arranged time table, in order to

keep students in their schools to avoid inconveniences.

Training/Enrollment Fee per Student 

  • For Basic School students: GHC100 per academic term
  • For Secondary School students: GHC150 per academic term

Commission Payment to Schools

  • Schools with a functional Computer Lab : 30%
  • Schools without a functional Computer Lab : 20%

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